CirQlive launches exciting updates to MEETS (MEETS Version 7)

CirQlive is proud to have set the market standard in services for live online education and training. CirQlive MEETS works with world leading web conferencing platforms and serves millions of users across the globe including teachers, corporate trainers and students from universities, colleges, institutions and companies.
CirQlive is happy to announce the launch of MEETS Version 7. With MEETS V7's new features, your live online education will instantly become more effective and efficient than before. We've added new features and tools based on the feedback from our valued customers, and we are dedicated to continually improving the MEETS platform.

The default date for the update being automatically pushed to your platform is December 30th, 2018. If you would like MEETS V7 updated on an alternative date, need more information, or a demonstration of its new capabilities, please reach out to us at and we will be happy to assist. 

New Features Coming to MEETS V7:
Updated and Cleaner User Interface
Synchronization of Meetings with Personal Calendars
Email Reminders for Upcoming Meetings

    MEETS V7 includes everything that makes MEETS V6 great, including:
  • Market-leading security: secure login to online sessions
  • Administrative-facilitated scheduling: so administrators can schedule events on behalf of teachers
  • Automatic attendance access: for teachers and administrators
  • Automatic web-conferencing account provisioning: with supported services
  • Advanced Data and Analytics: of your Web Conferencing usage
  • Dedicated customer support

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