CirQlive MEETS November 2021 Release (version 7.3)


Improved appointment booking

  • MEETS now makes it even easier to access all the appointment information, including recordings, meeting IDs, call-in phone numbers, and other access details.

  • Administrators in courses can now schedule appointment blocks on behalf of a teacher, as well as reserve or cancel booked slots on behalf of a student.

  • Teachers can now restrict booking of a specific slot in an appointment block. They can later choose to open that slot for booking. 

  • Teachers and course administrators can now invite guests to an appointment. Teachers can offer access to an appointment’s information, optionally including its recordings.

  • An appointment can now consist solely of guests. This allows appointments with prospective students, parents, or anyone else who isn’t an official member of the course while keeping the meetings organized in the course’s appointment calendar, and allowing the administrator to see the teacher’s availability to book these appointments on their behalf.

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New teacher notes system

  • A secure note system has been added to allow teachers to keep track of their own notes regarding individual students, organized within each course.

  • Administrators can choose whether they want their teachers to have access to this feature or not.

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Improved quick launch events

  • These by default now include the name of the course, making it easier to correlate these events when looking at administrative statistics or via the web conferencing side of things.

Improved language support

  • Added support for German.

  • The MEETS Administration section now also offers translations. Each administrator can set their own personal language preferences.

Improved LDAP Authentication security capabilities

  • Configurable security options are now available, including a proof-of-work work-factor, CAPTCHAs, and login throttling.

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New Administration features

  • Administrators with appropriate access now have an easier time managing the other admins:

    • They can now directly e-mail other administrators a password reset message.

    • Administrators are now automatically emailed when their login information is altered or updated.

    • The list of admins now includes their last login time, and all information is sortable, facilitating finding and managing those who have left your organization.

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  • The MEETS Administration authentication process has been revamped to be friendlier and also offer more capabilities.

    • Web Authentication (hardware keys) is now supported. Including FIDO2, U2F, and platform authenticators like Windows Hello and Apple Touch ID.

    • TOTP authentication codes are now supported.

    • Multi-factor authentication with two or three factors is now available.

  • Administrators now have their own easy access menu to change their account settings, view recent login history, and logout other devices of theirs.

  • Administrators can now set their own theme for MEETS Administration. Prior to this version, the default theme setting affected both MEETS for regular users and MEETS Administration, but only regular MEETS users had the option to use a non-default theme.

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