CirQlive at EDUCAUSE ELI 2019: The Chief Academic Technology Officer at 4:15 p.m. on February 20, 2019

Every problem has a different perspective depending on your job and viewpoint. We look forward to hearing Jenn Stringer (@jenn_stringer), the chief academic technology officer at the University of California at Berkeley and Helen Chu (@helenchu), the chief academic technology officer for the University of Oregon, discuss the results of their survey at the EDUCAUSE ELI (@EDUCAUSELI) conference in Anaheim on Feb. 20. They surveyed chief academic technology officers and then compared those with results from a recent college CIO survey. How interesting is that!

Education isn’t like a finely tuned recipe where the exact measure of ingredients results in the perfect cake every time. The process of education is complicated. Rewarding, yes. But, also complicated. This is why we are so looking forward to Stringer and Chu’s presentation. We expect to learn a lot about how to look at the perspectives of higher education from the academic’s perspective and the IT director’s perspective. At CirQlive, we know that each problem comes with at least two sides. We’ve dedicated ourselves to having answers for college IT departments and faculty, but we can always learn more.

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