EDUCAUSE ELI 2019: We Innovated Ourselves Into This Mess and We Can Innovate Out of It - 3:15 p.m.on February 20, 2019

Colleges are changing so quickly these days those institutions that don’t keep up are guaranteed to fall behind. This session at the EDUCAUSE ELI (@EDUCAUSELI) conference in Anaheim on Feb. 20, featuring David Thomas, the director of academic technology at the University of Colorado, Denver, will explain how to marshal the latest innovations to help reinvigorate learning, repair budgeting problems, and even retain talent. This is especially interesting to us at CirQlive because we have seen first-hand that innovation is exciting and promises change but--and this is critical--it can’t be an annoying add-on that doesn’t interface well with mission-critical applications like the LMS.

CirQlive helps schools put innovation to work, making all platforms run smoothly while trading information seamlessly between different applications. Our aim as technology providers is to make sure that our innovations fit into the framework universities have established.

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